Frederick CREST strongly advocates partnering between the commercial and academic sectors to provide formal learning and research that drive economic development.

Formal learning involves providing greater access to courses in the Frederick area, both existent university programs and those that may directly respond to industry needs. Research collaborations can range from simple contract research arrangements for proof-of-principal or feasibility studies, to more open-ended arrangements to explore new fields of knowledge.

CREST can benefit University Programs by providing opportunities to:


  • Expand course enrollments in Frederick County
  • Enlist Frederick-based USG and industry scientists as adjust faculty
  • Open new venues for clinical rotations and experiential learning
  • Channel graduates to quality employment
  • Engage in collaborative research with USG labs and industry
  • Procure industry and public funding
  • Direct learning to applied problems
  • Expand graduate programs
  • Engage in Technology Transfer agreements

What can CREST do for you?

  • Determine regional industry training needs and match with available University programs that can be offed in Frederick, or as blended programs
  • With University partners and industry stakeholders, devise targeted courses and workshops, including those that can be taught with local scientists and engineers
  • Provide mentored externships (accredited by the University) at regional employers, including government laboratories, startups, health facilities, and established corporations
  • Aid in searching for collaborative research partners, including ‘matchmaking’ workshops
  • Help negotiate partnering “frameworks” (model agreements, IP protections, etc.)

Further Reading and Successful Case Studies:

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Funding provided by industry for any number of programs can play a major factor in the overall success of the universities. Partnering can also provide new opportunities for universities to reconfigure the way instruction gets funded, developed, marketed, delivered, and supported.

—Educause 2003