STEM Industry and Government

Driving Economic Development by Partnering with Academia

CREST’s primary aim is to help STEM-based industries in Frederick County forge ahead to achieve greater innovation, employment, and revenues. We are a part of making Frederick a vibrant and thriving technological hub. We offer services in conjunction with our academic partners to facilitate local learning opportunities for your workforce, create employee pipelines, and foster productive research collaborations.

CREST Workforce Training

  • Determine commercial training needs
  • Match needs to existing programs, facilitate local access
  • Tools for streamlining and managing local participation
  • Support for developing new collaborative training programs
  • Connect to K-14 science education
Our training offerings are based on our partner needs. We work with our local and regional Universities (including University of Maryland  and John Hopkins University), to offer technological and business/regulatory-related programs that will push our business stakeholders forward. Trainings can take multiple forms and can be customized to the requirements of our clients:

  • Formalized courses for University credit
  • Certificate programs
  • Focused workshops for a given skill, instrument, or protocol
  • Seminars and symposia

Employee Pipelines

CREST facilitates courses that provide graduate students a credit-bearing opportunity to participate in research at partner company sites. These externship courses allows students to bring their recently-acquired knowledge and ideas to the workplace, expose them to applied problems, and permit both the employer and the student to test-drive the experience. These externships can be performed at any stage during the course of graduate study, subject to University and department approval, and require that employers cover the stipend expense during the course of the practicum.
The following areas can be considered for externships:

  • Bioengineering
  • Life Science
  • Computer Science
  • Program Management
  • Public health
  • Data analysis
  • Biostatistics
  • Software development
  • Market evaluation
  • Quality control

CREST also maintains a roster of individuals (undergraduate to graduate students, and recent graduates) that are interested in performing traditional internships; these must be paid (per Maryland statutory regulations).

If your company or institution is interested in seeking interns or externs, please submit this form.

Research Collaborations

Cooperative industry-university research models have shown to have very significant impacts on regional economies. Leveraging the cutting-edge knowledge, imagination, and reasonable research costs at partner universities has propelled industries forward, creating huge capital assets. At the same time these partnership have generated a pipeline of trained students and academics for downstream employment. The collaborations can range from focused, small scale contract research projects to wide ranging arrangements to explore new fields of knowledge, and anything in between.
Interface the needs of industry with expertise of academic and government research.

Potential Joint Projects:

  • Student and post-doc exchange
  • Industry adjuncts
  • Funding
  • Publication
  • New synergies & innovation

CREST can help foster collaborations:

  • Making industry input on collaboration feasible
  • Tapping network of stakeholders for interest
  • Arranging workshops or symposia
  • Facilitating agreements/ terms of engagement/ model contracts

Please check here for details about upcoming events and we encourage you to send us your thoughts on potential training or collaboration.

Seminars and Workshops

Opportunities to meet and discuss trending topics, evolving technologies, and other issues affecting the STEM industry are an important part of a healthy STEM community. CREST can organize seminars and workshops aimed at specific industry needs like instruction on a specific instrument, technique, or software application. Please check here for details about upcoming events and we encourage you to send us your thoughts on potential seminars and workshops.

The institution [at Technical University of Munich] brings professors and students close to Audi's researchers, streams innovative new ideas into the company and is a vital pool of future talent

- Peter Tropschuh, Head of Scientific Relations and Corporate Responsibility, AUDI AG