Frederick, MD: The Frederick Center for Research in Science and Technology (CREST) has launched a new website as part of its initiative to create a strong science and technology future in Frederick. Designed to bridge industry and education, is a place for employers to obtain cutting edge education for their employees, potential students and interns to find local opportunities, a place for local organizations to find collaborators and top talent, and a place for anyone interested in Frederick’s science and technology potential to find valuable resources.

“We believe that Frederick has the potential to become a thriving hub for technology and science on a national level,” said Joanne Horn, Executive Director at Frederick CREST. “This new website will help us create the connections that are needed to grow Frederick’s science and technology capabilities.”

The new website reflects Frederick CREST’s mission to build bridges between government, industry, and educational stakeholders in an effort to foster science and technology growth, including agriculture and food/beverage science. It includes:

  • Information on educational programs offered through Frederick CREST
  • Case studies on successful industry and educational partnerships in other cities – such as the relationship between BP and the University of California, or Audi and The Technical University of Munich in Germany
  • Forms for science and technology internship applicants and graduate students
  • Forms for employers to register internship positions
  • Announcements for upcoming workshops to explore research collaborations

About Frederick Center for Research in Science and Technology: Frederick CREST’s mission is to provide a science, technology, engineering, and math-focused research and education hub in Frederick that enhances access to graduate education and facilitates research partnerships that drive economic development. The organization does this by partnering with educational institutions and industry employers to offer educational programs for students, and educational opportunities that meet the workforce needs of regional employers.

For more information on Frederick CREST, please contact:

Joanne Horn
Frederick Center for Research in Science and Technology