Employer Registration

How does it work?

STEM employers can use the link below to register their opportunities for listing on the¬†“Internship Candidates” page.¬†Applications received from potential candidates for internships are evaluated, matched, and CREST contacts the employers for further action.

Where will these internships be located?

At STEM employers In Frederick County, Maryland

Who can participate in this program?

STEM focused Industry and Government entities

What’s the cost to the employer?

Per Maryland state law, non-credit earning interns must be paid at least minimum wage for work performed. Externs earning college credit do not require a salary

What types of opportunities will be filled?

Internships and Externships

When will this program begin?

This program, listing both current and future internship opportunities is presently underway at CREST. Start and end dates can be negotiated on an individual basis

What are the benefits to the Employer?

Interns are often educated in cutting edge techniques and ideas, and they can potentially bring valuable skills to industry projects. They offer cost-effective labor and input, while briging alternative perspectives to problem solving.This program helps employers reduce the time and cost involved in sourcing qualified internship candidates. As these candidates are not only valuable research resources, but also potential employees, the program works to help support a sustainable workforce pipeline for all STEM employers.

Interns bring fresh skills, ideas, and perspectives to industry projects.

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