Every business has growth periods and plateau periods. When you’re on an upward trend, business is exciting, staff is motivated, and business is booming. But when you hit a plateau, it can be hard to figure out just how to get moving again. What can you change so you can reach your goals?

Workforce training isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when businesses are striving to be on an upward trend again. But it’s a good option. Workforce training has plenty of benefits that can get your business moving forward and upwards to jolt you out of a lull.


Staff Growth

Your staff is the backbone of your company. They run your everyday processes, communicate with clients, and make sure the money keeps coming in. But when your staff loses motivation or becomes unhappy with their jobs, it’s extremely easy for your business to stagnate. The quality of work that your staff creates goes down, they may be less responsive to your client’s needs, and overall less passionate.

Unhappy staff make for an unhappy business. But investing in your staff can pay back triple fold. When you invest in workforce training for your staff, they learn new skills, offer more value, and often grow in job satisfaction. Investing in your staff is akin to investing in your business. You’re showing faith and loyalty to your staff and increasing their loyalty to your company, as well.


Increased Productivity

Think about something you’re really passionate about. You could spend hours reading a book, riding your bike, or fixing your car. Now imagine if your employees could be that passionate about their jobs. Ideally, your employees should already harbor some passion for their position. But workforce training has been shown to increase some of that passion.

When your employees are more excited about their job and believe that their company believes in them, they are often much more productive. They’re more willing to put themselves wholeheartedly into their work and therefore get work done faster and at a higher quality.

A productivity increase can move your business off of that stagnated plateau and onto bigger heights.


Ability to Meet Client Needs

Do you remember those unmotivated employees at a stagnant company? Well, they probably didn’t sound too excited on the phone and were less motivated to go the extra mile to meet your client’s needs.

Now your employees are willing to go that extra mile due to their newfound excitement for their job. Not only are they more motivated, but now they have new skills to better serve your clients, whether that’s through soft skills like customer service or hard skills like developing new technology. The more skills your staff has to offer your clients, the more profitable your business will be.

Of course, if your goal is to increase your client’s satisfaction, then you need to choose your workforce training carefully. What skills could your employees best put to use to the benefit of your clients? Or what skills would better help them with research and the development of new products? Where are your employees lacking? Choosing the right workforce training to send your staff to can greatly impact the outcome for your business.


Reputation Boost

Take a look at your competitor’s website. What certifications do they have listed? What about in their staff bios? Any awards? You may be able to see where your business falls short – and where your employees could benefit from training.

In many industries, certifications are the standard. If you don’t have certain certifications, then you can’t compete at the same level as other companies. If you can’t compete, then you have no business. One way to boost your competitiveness and reputation is to invest in staff training.

When you’re able to list prestigious certifications in your staff bios or on your company’s home page, you’re showing your client that your capabilities have been tested and proven. Your staff are certified experts in their field, not just self-proclaimed ones.


Use On-the-Job Training to Your Advantage

On the job training moves your company forward. But unfortunately it comes at a price. Some trainings can be extremely expensive, not to mention the time it takes your employees away from their job. But luckily, the Maryland Tech Connection is here to help.

Maryland Tech Connection is now offering an On-the-Job training program for qualified companies. This program provides salary reimbursement for eligible new hires. As part of the Ready to Work grant, they can help reduce the cost of training by providing on-the-job training salary reimbursement. That’s up to $10,000 back in your pocket.

Eligible new hires are Maryland residents working full-time with experience or training in the fields of information technology, cybersecurity or bioscience.

With the help of Maryland Tech Connection, you don’t have to wait for new hires to get up to speed or for your employees to learn new skills on their own. Instead, you now have the capability to move your business forward without the cost limitations.

Interested in enrolling one of your employees in the program? Apply today.