So, you’ve found a promising STEM internship – one where you’ll be getting hands-on work experience in a great setting. You’re excited about the company. You’re excited about the growth potential. You’re excited about the work.

The only complication: you don’t have a place to live.

It’s a common scenario, especially for STEM internship hopefuls who often find themselves searching for internships in locations outside of their hometowns. There’s often already a bit of anxiety associated with moving to a new area, and that’s compounded when a housing situation isn’t straightforward. Depending on the opportunity, it may be provided, but often, it’s not.

But that doesn’t mean that you should allow an ideal internship opportunity to pass you by.

At Frederick CREST, part of our purpose is to facilitate educational opportunities in STEM. We believe that housing shouldn’t hold you back from a great internship opportunity. To that end, if you find yourself looking for a place to live, here are the avenues to search.

These avenues are helpful regardless of location; for our purposes, we’ll hone in on their application to Frederick, Maryland.

Whether you’re pursuing a STEM internship in Frederick, Maryland, or anywhere else, if you’re searching for internship housing, these are the places to look.

Use Your Connections

When you’re looking for internship housing, the first place to start is often your own network.

That might seem obvious to some, but for others it’s meant as encouragement to take action. Do you have any old friends who live around the area where the position is located? Take the time to think through your networks, and don’t hesitate to reach out.

Most people are more than willing to help.

And be willing to go a step further, too, by looking into other people’s connections. Do you have any friends who would have connections in the area? Secondary networks can be incredibly helpful.

You may be able to find an ideal housing setup simply by reaching out.

College Campuses

Of course, the reality is that you may not be able to find housing through a connection. In that case, a great next step is to look into college campus housing.

This is an especially viable option if the position you’re eyeing is a summer internship. In the summers, campuses empty out, and empty dorms offer opportunities for cheap rent. Search out schools around the location you’re interested in and contact the housing departments to check on availabilities.

In Frederick, Hood College offers summer housing options, and depending on the location and position, consider Mount St. Mary’s, too.

Extended Stay Hotels

This option may not jump as readily to mind, but extended stay hotels are a viable option for internship housing.

Essentially, extended hotels function like apartments, but without a fixed-length contract, and you’ll have the ability to check out at any time. That can be helpful for interns, as positions may not last long enough for an apartment lease to make sense. So, look into hotels around the area of your position, and get the details on their extended stay rates.

If you’re looking for internship housing in Frederick, Woodspring Suites is a good option. We’ve collaborated with them to offer discounted rates for interns, so if you’re looking for a solution, get in touch with us to discuss the details of your situation.


One of the trendier avenues to investigate in your housing search: Airbnb.

Airbnb offers a wide selection of housing options in almost any location imaginable. Looking to have a whole place to yourself? You can find it here. Looking for a spare room? Those are here, too.

Of course, many Airbnb listings are geared for the short-term – a few days or weeks. So, this is generally a better option if your internship is a shorter one. But it’s a great way to avoid a long lease, and depending on the nature of your position and the desires of the Airbnb host, this is certainly a viable avenue to check.


Finally, outside of finding housing through your connections, finding roommates is perhaps the most affordable housing option for potential interns.

Whatever city you’re searching in, there are undoubtedly people there who would welcome a roommate for the summer (or any season).

There are a variety of sites to use for this:

One of the big factors to keep in mind when pursuing this housing option: make sure you have an understanding of the people you’ll be living with. Discuss your living preferences with them before jumping in. Ideally, discuss them in person.

Use appropriate caution, but also welcome the opportunity to live with someone new. Who knows? The people you live with could add an extra level of learning to your internship experience.

Housing Shouldn’t Hold You Back from Your Internship

Hopefully, these avenues give you a good start as you search for housing for your internship. Whatever you decide, remember this: don’t let housing hold you back from your internship.

That’s true no matter where your internship takes you, but if you’re looking at STEM internships in Frederick, we can testify to it firsthand. At Frederick CREST, we believe Frederick’s a great city brimming with STEM potential – and you shouldn’t be kept from reaching your own potential because of housing complications.

We’re here to help.

Part of our role in facilitating the growth of STEM in Frederick means ensuring that valuable connections between education and industry are given the resources they need to develop. If you need guidance finding housing for a STEM internship in Frederick, don’t hesitate to reach out. We have a network of connections to help you find a viable internship housing solution for your unique situation.

Get in touch with us. Don’t let housing hold you back.