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Get Histotechnology Training (HT/HTL) and Start a Career You’ll Love

Fulfills classroom and lab requirements for follow-on ASCP Registry Exam

*May be eligible for a 50% reimbursement of training cost

In partnership with CREST-Harford CC-Frederick County Economic Development Agency

If you are someone who likes solving practical, hands-on problems – and you don’t want to spend your days filling out paperwork – being a histotechnologist might be for you.

As an integral part of the medical laboratory team, a histotechnologist works to prepare tissue samples for analysis by the pathologists. To get you on the path toward becoming a histotechnologist and passing the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP) certification examination, this 10-month training program gives you real, hands-on experience in the lab. It is specifically designed for employees whose company or institution gives them access to a functioning histology laboratory facility and a registered HT available as an on-site mentor.

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Program Admissions: http://www.harford.edu/~/media/PDF/Continuing-Ed/Admission%20Packet_031318.ashx

HCC Histology Program: http://www.harford.edu/continuing-education/healthcare-and-human-services/Histologic-Technician.aspx

*Frederick County Workforce Services is accepting applications for reimbursement of 50% of the $4,945 training cost (requires pre-approval). Businesses may apply for Frederick Business Works here.

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