Wednesday, December 20, 2018 3:00 PM - 4:30PM

Guest Speaker: Dr. Gregory Alberts, Lonza

Join fellow members of Frederick’s scientific community for this exclusive seminar on primary cells. A chance to learn and share expertise, as well as, network with other scientists and students in the Frederick area.

Dr. Albert’s seminar focuses on the advantages of using primary cell cultures (derived directly from human tissues) in place of traditional transformed cell lines for a wide variety of vitro studies focusing on many different aspects of cell physiology. He will discuss the availability of specific types of primary cells, their maintenance, differentiation properties, and effects of various culture conditions on morphology. Co-cultures of primary cells will be shown and a system to generate three-dimensional cell assemblies that mimic tissues, as well as, those employing cancer cells that form “tumoroids.” The use of primary cells for drug screening, and transformation to cancer cells to study cancer formation will also be discussed. Overall, Dr. Albert will demonstrate wide applications of these cell types, their versatility and differences in response with transformed cell lines.

Dr. Gregory Alberts is currently the Global Subject Matter Expert for Lonza, and has worked at Lonza (and previously Amaxa) since 2003. He was the first field scientist hired by Amaxa in North America, and he has considerable experience in Nucleofection, primary cells (including stem cells and iPSC generation), and is well versed in the use of CRISPER and other genome-editing technologies with Nucleofection. He received a Ph.D. from George Washington University in 2003 in Molecular Biology, and an M.S. in Bacterial Genetics from the University of Illinois-Chicago in 1986.

On a practical note, Dr. Alberts worked at the American Red Cross Holland Laboratory for fourteen years in basic vascular and cancer research, worked for three years at Oncor, Inc. in molecular cancer diagnostics, and spent four years working on bacterial genetics and DNA uptake in Streptococcus pneumonia at University of Illinois at Chicago.

The event will be held at the FCC Conference center with parking available in Lot 2, Lot 3, and the parking deck. See the campus map for more information.

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