Everybody wants the best employees.

Your employees are what makes your business tick. Without great employees, you won’t be as successful as you’d like. Unfortunately, new talent acquisition can often be complicated and tricky.

Typically, businesses look to online job search websites to find talent and resign themselves to going through piles and piles of resumes. Even with the most extensive research, however, you often aren’t able to test out your new employee before hiring them on. This can be a big risk, as you don’t get to see how the employee fits in with your office community.

This is why industry-university partnerships are great for new talent acquisition. Educational partnerships allow you to find the best talent at a low risk for your business. Confused as to how new talent acquisition can come from industry-university partnerships? Here are three things that clarify the benefits: workforce training, internship programs, and partnering with educational programs.

Workforce Training

Take a look at your current employees. They may have been with you for a while, continuing to truck along and doing a great job. Or they may be brand new and a little uncertain in the workplace. Whatever your current employees are like, workplace training is a great way to boost your current talent pool.

Your current employees are (hopefully) great employees. However, everyone can benefit from continued training in the workplace. Teaching your current employees new information and skills is a great way to increase the amount of talent in your workplace—after all, talent does not have to be something you’re born with, but can be learned.

New talent acquisition can also come from attending workplace training workshops at an outside organization. For example, CREST hosts workplace training workshops for any attendee who would like to join. By attending these workshops, you may meet a job searcher with the right skills for your workplace. In fact, people may attend continued training workshops as a form of networking during their job search.

Internship Programs

Internships are a great way for employers to “try out” potential new employees. New talent can come from an excellent intern who applies for a job at the end of their program (or even a few years later if they aren’t close to graduating).

Don’t underestimate the power of the intern. Often, you can train interns the way you want to, and provide the right educational opportunities to create the perfect employee for your workplace. Yes, an intern may be a blank slate. But, you can shape that blank slate any way you like.

Frederick CREST connects top-notch interns with industry partners in Frederick County. Interns are often educated in cutting-edge techniques and ideas, and they can potentially bring valuable skills to industry projects. They offer cost-effective labor and input while bringing alternative perspectives to problem solving. With all of these benefits, let CREST help you find the right intern for your business.

Partnerships with Educational Programs

You may be asking yourself, how does partnering with an educational program help me with new talent acquisition? Let’s take a look at a partnership scenario.

As a research and development firm, you often need access to new ideas and room to develop them. A university is full of academic professionals who specialize in ideas and have the laboratories to put them into action. When you partner with a university, you can fund an expanded course option that gives students opportunities to work with your firm and further educational benefits. Now you’re working with a class full of potential new employees and are receiving the benefits of new ideas and room to test them.

Frederick CREST works hard to create these types of partnerships between universities and industry leaders. Often, it benefits both parties by giving employers access to a global talent pool, cost-effective research, and access to cutting-edge technology. Universities benefit through financial support, expanded programs, real-world opportunities for students and increased student employment rates.

While there are challenges to these partnerships, including bureaucracy and publishing versus IP protection, these are often worth working through to reap the benefits on the other end.


Find New Talent, Work with Frederick CREST

No matter which route you decide to take, Frederick CREST can be there to guide you every step of the way. We have the experience to help you create a new talent acquisition pipeline that benefits your business in every way.

Whether you decide to take on an intern, host/attend a workplace training program, or partner with a top university, CREST can find you an intern through our extensive network, host a workplace training workshop, and connect you with the right team at a Frederick County University.

If you’re interested in our help with new talent acquisition, get in touch with CREST today. Together we’ll move the Frederick County economy forward.